Bio: l0fty

L0fty is a musician and artist from Texas who creates Hip-Hop music and New Media art. He has been the resident beat maker of Gold School since its conception. He currently studies new media at the University of North Texas in Denton. The name 'L0fty' provides a realistic view on himself. He has Lofty ambitions, But has always been described as someone who is 'Cloudy-Headed'. The name is a culmination of his strengths and weaknesses. For as long as he can remember, L0fty has been able to beatbox, but his passion for music solidified when he started taking viola lessons and playing trombone in school. He started making Beats in high school after falling deeply in love with dirty south hip-hop. His music allows for listeners to create their own narratives due to it's simple and instrumental nature. Often selecting organic sounds with an extensive range of influence, L0fty's music is highly relatable to a wide audience of listeners. L0fty's art confronts issues of identity and spirituality. Having questioned the teachings of his Christian up-bringing, L0fty invites viewers to challenge their spiritual ideals by creating a wide variety of absurd creation narratives. He executes his concepts through an arsenal of digital formats materialized in 3D space through sculpture. L0fty is working on solo beat tape "Del Sur EP" as well as a collaboration album with Chad One Love entitled "The Conscious Thug". His solo BFA show will take place in spring 2017 and will feature immersive performance art installations.