Bio: Chad One Love

Chad One Love is a hip-hop entrepreneur claiming permanent territory in this era of Texas hip-hop. Starting off glued to the turntables at sixteen, he mastered the style created by the legend DJ Screw. Through studying classics and choppin’ the new up, he gained a full respect for the multiple sub-cultures within hip-hop and began rapping. Freestyling at late night parties evolved into him being locked away writing, eventually clicking with a producer, Trinity Stack, and tasting the studio life. After a couple years refining his craft, One Love was ready to start branching out. In October 2013, he released his debut EP “I Wish I Knew Bugseed”, an attempt to catch the attention of well known Japanese producer Bugseed. After a successful collaboration, he then started contacting an arsenal of producers around the globe. As a result, he’s worked with producers like Grammy Award-winning Spanish production duo Cookin’ Soul, the amazingly talented Tom Misch out of London, and so many more. Now working on engineering and production, his focus is a project with Texas producer L0fty. An all live instrument production meant to be set aside from the "jazz hip hop" and respected more as gangster rap with a positive message, strong story, and beautiful musicality. Expected to be released early 2017, with many teasers between now and then, including "Impromptu Vol. 1 & 2", an Alieenz production with Doogie McDuff, Madd Angler, & Chad One Love on the lyrics dropping July 2016.